The underwater maintenance services provided by our diver Adrian Fox enhances your vessel performance through routine cleaning and maintenance by removing marine fouling while the vessel is waterborne, thus restoring main engine performance maximizing the economy of your vessel's operation. We also offers new eco-friendly cleaning solutions.

Instead of arranging last minute maintenance with unfamiliar companies, We provides reliable services with outstanding results, demonstrated savings in fuel consumption and the optimization of your vessel performance by maintaining smooth underwater hull and propeller surfaces using our fuel maintenance and management program. This program is available for entire fleets.

Hull Cleaning

Delays in cleaning can lead to a significant amount of hard fouling. This may not only the effect consumption, speed and power of your vessel, but will result in damage to the paint system.

FYS provides hull cleaning services for vessels with special paint and coating systems, including silicone coatings. This includes the new revolutionary FYS ECO Crawler Hull Cleaner which captures all debris in a filter waste system, the FYS DUTS (Direct Underwater Treatment System).

The hull cleaning services provided by UCS remove marine fouling from the entire underwater hull surface, including flat bottom and vertical sides, with the use of a hydraulic multi brush system or water jet. The cleaning can be performed in hours.

Propeller Polishing

A smooth and properly polished propeller reduces fuel consumption and offers significant savings.

FYS is able to provide a high standard diamond disc polishing for an ‘A’ polishing grade on the Rubert Gauge.

FYS offers the new ECO Flexi Polishing Solution for ship propellers as well, where debris is captured in a filter system.

Propeller and Seal Cleaning

High propeller efficiency decreases vessel fuel consumption.

FYS provides a high standard cleaning solution by cleaning the propeller with flexible hydraulic brushes at high revolution to remove fouling. FYS  offers the ECO Propeller Cleaning Solution, which captures all debris in a filter system.

Water Intake Grids and Thruster Cleaning

Any cleaning where only specific sections of a vessel’s underwater appendage and propulsion systems are cleaned such as the rudder, bilge keels, water intake grids and thrusters.

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